Suitable audio master formats (started with the most preferable ones):
1) Digital files WAV, AIFF already mastered/prepared for replication for A/B sides.
2) Digital files WAV, AIFF with separate track for mastering
3) CD-Audio
4) DDP image
Digital files at least 44,1kHz/16bit
Other audio formats might be acceptable. Supplying compressed audio files one’s bear inmind the quality of the material and that compression may affect the final audio quality and result.
All masters should be accompanied by tracklist. Materials already mastered by customer should have tracklist with all tracks timing.
For materials supplied for mastering – complete tracklist with all tracks timing.
Additionally, tracks titles, timing and sequence, split A/B side.
Maximum lenght of one side is 30 minutes and must be not exceeded.
It is recommended that side A time duration should be a bit longer than side B.
Pauses between each tracks should be already included in the supplied audio material.
For materials already mastered by customer all tracks should be put in the correct sequence, separated with proper pauses between them. In case master is prepared for replication each track should include proper pause in the beginning or in the end of track. So in result all tracks are mounted together there is suitable pause(s) between them.
Before master is supplied customer is obliged to check its sound, potential errors, tracks sequence and completion.
Audio materials can be supplied:
– On external carrier such as CD/DVD, pendrive, HDD, SD card.
– Electronically – FTP, Aspera, Dropbox, Wetransfer etc.

Choosing this way of supplying material must be compressed (e.g. as a ZIP file) or files should have MD5 checksum attached.