What we check:
– file type (tiff,pdf)
– color mode (CMYK)
– if design fits to our template (spines in correct place, if file has bleeds)
– total ink amount (300%)
– Resolution of print file (if file is in 300dpi)
– If gradients are rasterized
– If hotstamping/embossing/uv is suitable for printing

What we don’t check:
Correctness of content  (e.g. typos, correct language usage), page orientation on templates, correct page order, flattening of transparency, hidden layers, size of letters / fonts / graphic elements (in terms of ink flooding), if the cover is not too dark, if there is overprint, if bitmap resolution embedded in the file is 300dpi. We can check it for additional charge.

With additional fee we can fix:
(if provided file is suitable)
– adding bleeds
– amending artwork to template
– reducing total ink amount
– setting page order
– converting to CMYK color mode
– converting pantones to CMYK, if pantone wasn’t ordered

How to prepare file for printing
– use format PDF 1.3 or TIFF. We won’t accept jpg. png. or gif
– total ink amount (CMYK) up to 300% on coated paper, 260% on reverse board
– minimal link amount is 6% – values below won’t be visible in print
– remember about the contrast in ink between the dark elements – the fact that you can see the difference on the screen, does not mean that it will be visible in print
– image on screen will always appear brighter than in print (screen shines, paper doesn’t)
– letters bigger than 6p (below that size we can’t guarantee that printed letters will look sharp, especially when letters are Thin or Light )
– use CMYK color mode, if you are using pantone colors, please write us which numbers you used
– don’t embeed ICC profiles
– make sure your artwork fits template (use templates available on our website, if you want to use something different – please contact us)
– add 3mm bleeds around artwork
– flatten transparency
– rasterize gradients
– hotstamping/embossing/spot uv should be in vectors on separate page of the pdf file, marked as additional color or 100% K
– line in hotstamping should be minimum 0,3 mm thick
– delete template layer, leave artwork and cropmarks only
– bitmaps are in 300DPI
– finishing changes the colors a bit
– matt foil lowers the contrast, glossy foil makes color look darker

Before sending files to us please make sure:
– you used correct template
– pages have correct orientation – they are not upside down
– booklet has correct page order (or files that you provide are properly numbered)
– for your own comfort – read cover text twice read and check if there are no typos (after confirming the digital proof, the file change will involve an additional fee – 100 EUR – costs of the new exposure)
 letters and objects (especially dots, thin lines etc.) are big and thick enough to be printed correctly
– if you want to be 100% sure about colors, please send us print proof (made on professional, calibrated proof printer)


Verification of files does not take into account the elements above – we are not responsible for content related errors – we only check if the file is correct in terms of TECHNICAL (whether file is suitable for printing).
Covers are printed in the offset technique or digital print, our printers apply their own ICC profiles Fogra37 or Fogra39.