IMPORTANT : The vinyl production has a tolerance of -/+ 5%, ie. You may receive slightly more or slightly less discs (but no less than 5% of the overall quantity). 


1. To have a general overview on how we work, please check USEFUL INFORMATION section

2. Be sure you’ve prepared everything correctly or ask us directly here

3. AUDIO – the content of a vinyl should be delivered digitally in .wav form along with the tracklist/pressing specification or on a supplied lacquer

4. Upload complete set of files – incl. filled pressing specification, labels & cover immediately after filling the order: Your order won’t be processed if we don’t receive a complete set of files now

5. ARTWORK – labels & covers will be used only if they’re meeting our requirements. Any additonal graphic work on our side is surcharched – 25 EUR. Please send us only .pdf 1.3 or .tiff in CMYK color mode, adapted to the chosen template (the full list is here), incl. 3mm bleeds on each side of every cover pannel. Formats other than .pdf/.tiff will not be processed

6. You will receive the cover & label previews separately but surely – we won’t print them without your confirmation

7. We need ca. 20 – 25 working days for shipping out the testpresses, then ca. 40 – 45 working days to ship out the finished production after test pressings are confirmed

8. You can ask for a personalised matrix name on the disc (instead of MonotypePressing). The number of characters on the matrix cannot exceed 60 characters. Such alteration is surcharged at 13 EUR net (please add the information about it in the “addtional information” section.)

8. We require payment before starting the production process!

9. Go forth, the order form is below!