12” vinyl records in white paper bags and 3mm spine printed outersleeves finished with matt or glossy machine varnish

The turnaround for Spring Offer vinyl orders is ca. 8 working weeks counting from the moment the artwork previews are approved and payment is received in full

- lacquer CUT + metalwork
- CMYK labels
- white paper bag
- Outer Sleeve 3mm Spine
(4/0 CMYK, 300gsm GC1)
- Gloss or Matt Machine Varnishing
- shrink-wrapping
- 5 x testpressing
140g BLACK1465€1650€2035€2730€3230€
180g BLACK1560€1740€2190€2955€3530€
140g COLOURED1600€1800€2245€3000€3580€
180g COLOURED1695€1917€2420€3255€3870€
140g LUCKY DIP (RANDOM COLOUR MIX)1510€1701€2215€2835€3380€
180g LUCKY DIP (RANDOM COLOUR MIX)1605€1803€2280€3075€3680€


Choose between 140g and 180g vinyl as well as 15 colour compounds and a special option we only offer now – Lucky Dip!
This random colour mix allows you to have completely unique records within one order (each piece is one of a kind and the result is unpredictable, some copies coming with the predominance of one colour and others – totally different).
You can be sure the result will be similar to marble or smoked vinyl, but the rest is a mystery!


– Lucky dip records are not made of regranulate (waste from records production coming from cut edges and shredded records) but from the mixed leftovers of different colour compounds of top quality virgin granulate – the same materials that are used for standard production.
This way we can at the same time guarantee the use of as much of supplied PVC as possible (and therefore, reduce the production of waste) and deliver products that are in no way inferior to any special colour mix (marble, splatter etc.) vinyl we make on a daily basis.

– One order includes records in one chosen colour (or, alternatively, a multicoloured Lucky Dip). There is no option of dividing an order to two or more colour versions.

– Bulk vinyl orders, gatefold outersleeves an other options (not listed in the pricelist above) are not available in this offer – to order them please use our standard vinyl order form.

Spring Offer cannot be combined with dedicated discounts.